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Site Name Title Motto Owner
volunteercoos Coos Volunteer Portal Part 1 Malcolm Birch
stolenquads-bikes Beryl Mellett
vishalj Vishal J v j
midhertsmusicfriends Friends of Mid Herts Centre for Music & Arts David Steed
friendsamine Friends a Mine Org. Ellen Roper
glocenter Kyle Tuller
help Promote help for poor Abdiaziz Mohamed
angelinashope Angelina's Hope Melanie Massaro
shrmreader SHRM Reader Srirang Jha
dragonfx dragonfx jose garcia
valuesinafricanthought Values in African Thought Program Madonna International College
timrallenefund Fundraising Home for the Family of Tim and Rallene Corbett Jamal Theodore
safehouseartalliance SAFEHOUSE ART ALLIANCE, INC. Nicholas Barath
needyaidghana Voice out for Development Moses Zekrumah
hannahlarkin Hannah's Fundraising Page Hannah Larkin
charles1 vidoes mohammad salame
nwaseareports NWASEA ANNUAL REPORTS Ministry Owned
murud NEHRU YUVA MUNDAL . balaji dhokale
dragonflypondrespitesociety Dragonfly Pond Respite Society Tina Myers